The International Society of Innovation Methods (I-SIM) is calling for founding/permanent members. You are cordially invited to join I-SIM. For those of you living in the North California, you have the opportunity to become a founding member of the Bay area chapter by indicating your interest on the membership form.

Everyone knows about the importance of innovation. However, more than 95% of people use random methods to generate innovative ideas which grossly depend on luck and individual talents. The field of Innovation Methods is a new discipline which involve the development and usage of systematic ways to generate innovative ideas. It includes systematic innovation and random innovation. The application areas for innovation methods include systematic strategic, managerial, or technical innovations for strategy setting, opportunity identification and problem-solving. The concepts of Innovation Methods (IM) came from the studies of prior human wisdom and/or nature’s innovative problem solving. In today’s furious competition, random innovation can only help companies to survive but not enough to excel. Systematic innovation methods will be many times more effective and efficient than random innovation.

I-SIM is the world first and, so far only, International Society dedicated to the area of Innovation Methods. The goals of I-SIM include but not limited to: